Online Writing Lab

The Online Writing Lab is closed.

LBCC's Online Writing Lab (OWL), a service of the Writing Center, allows you to send your writing project to a writing assistant who will help you with such things as organizing, developing, and revising your work.

You will be directed to fill out a submission form with your writing excerpt, and writing assistants will make suggestions based on your requests. While assistants do not simply proofread your writing, they will work to identify areas of strength and patterns of error to help you write more effectively. Be sure to fill out the submission form completely so we can better assist you.

Papers will be read when the center is open. You can expect a response within one to three working days unless otherwise indicated.

Note: All users of LBCC's Online Writing Lab must have browser cookies enabled and should have JavaScript enabled as well. Please click the login link below to get started.

The OWL is currently closed.